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AUTOonline GmbH Informationssysteme ("AUTOonline“) takes the legal provisions regarding data protection very seriously. Below is an explanation of the type of personal and other data collected by AUTOonline and how these are processed and used by AUTOonline.


We wish to inform you when and which type of data we collect and how do we use it. As a company under private law, we are subject to the legal provisions of the European Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC. We have implemented technical and organizational measures to ensure that we and our external service providers comply with data protection rules.


Personal data means any information concerning the personal or material circumstances of an identified or identifiable individual (the data subject). However, data that relates exclusively to legal entities (e.g. PLC, Ltd.) or partnerships (general partnership/OHG, limited partnership/KG), but not the natural persons behind them, is not personal.


1. What kind of data does AUTOonline collect?

You can always visit the website without giving us any personal data. However, to use the online platform of AUTOonline on for (1.) marketing accident damaged and used vehicles (“salvage exchange”) and (2.) for the marketing of fleet vehicles (“fleet marketing platform”), (3.) for calculation of a current replacement value corridor ("replacement value corridor”) and (4.) for a digital processing of expertise documents (“expertise processing”) you must register with AUTOonline. This registration requires in particular details about your company name, your name and address and contact details as well as your bank details and possibly further information, provided this is requested by AUTOonline.


Your data is being stored on strongly protected servers. Access to them is only possible for a few authorized persons who are in charge of technical or commercial server support.


If you access the website certain usage data is automatically collected about you (so not via your registration); such examples are your IP address, your browser type as well as the date and time of your access. However, AUTOonline processes and uses this usage data only in an anonymous format to improve the attraction, content and functionality of the website Personal usage profiles are not created. The data is not used any further or passed on to others. Only when using the function “Recommend“ will the user’s and recipient’s e-mail addresses be collected. In the contact forms personal data is also collected.


2. How does AUTOonline use and process your personal data?

AUTOonline processes and uses your personal data in particular to allow for a safe, effective and customer-friendly participation in the salvage exchange and/or the fleet marketing platform. Beyond that AUTOonline uses your personal data where this serves the purpose of the relevant usage agreement - in particular to for the billing of the user fees and advertising fees charged by AUTOonline - or where this is required to protect the legitimate interests of AUTOonline and there is no reason to assume that your legitimate interests in the preclusion or use of the data prevails.


The data collected during the relevant registration will be processed and used by AUTOonline in particular in the context of processing sales and bids and the general data administration function of the salvage exchange, the fleet marketing platform and the replacement value corridor calculation. You have given your consent to this during your registration. During registration the personal details of each user of AUTOonline are in particular stored and administered.


When advertising a bid on the online platforms ”salvage exchange“ or "fleet marketing platform“ the bidders are given no access to the personal data of the vendor, since the offer is advertised in an anonymous format. After expiry of the bid deadline the vendor can call up the highest bids for the vehicle advertised by him. AUTOonline will send him the contact details of the relevant bidders on a bid sheet, containing name, street, location, e-mail, telephone, and fax. If the vendor decides at the settlement stage of the purchase contract to commission AUTOonline Operations GmbH & Co. KG (“AUTOonline Operations“), primarily to avail himself of services in the area of money collection or international trade, the contact and bid details or the relevant bidder are also sent to AUTOonline Operations, who then contacts the relevant bidder. The users of AUTOonline and AUTOonline Operations may use the personal data sent to them, depending on the reason for the data transmission, exclusively for participating in bid transactions, for settling purchase contracts or for any other, explicitly authorised contact.


When using the replacement value corridor calculation, personal data is only used for invoicing.


When using the expertise processing, AUTOonline receives accident reports and expert opionions in order to process and to put them subsequently on the salvage exchange platform.


AUTOonline uses your personal information only within the company and, if necessary to fulfill the contract, within affiliated companies of AUTOonline.


AUTOonline ensures by suitable technical and organizational measures that also the AUTOonline affilitates use only the agreed personal information.


We do not share personal information with third parties without your explicit permission. If data is passed on to service providers in the context of commissioned data processing, then they are bound to the European data protection directive and other legal regulations. If we are legally required to do so, we will transfer your data to the relevant authorities.


AUTOonline also reserves the right to pass on your personal data, as far as permitted by law, to service companies such as credit rating agencies in order to check your credit rating. Where required to resolve any abuse of the online platforms “salvage exchange” or the “fleet marketing platform” or for the prosecution of an offence, AUTOonline will, in individual cases, also pass on personal data to national law enforcement agencies. The recipient may only used data passed on this way in order to fulfil his job.


In addition AUTOonline uses and processes your name and address details as well as your e-mail address as far as legally permitted for advertising its own products and services, i.e. for sending out information about offers by AUTOonline. Where this is required and legally permissible, we will pass on your names to third parties (e.g. print shops). Of course you can withdraw your consent to the use and processing of your personal data for marketing purposes at any time, e.g. by writing to us:


Audatex AUTOonline GmbH
Carl-Schurz-Str. 2
41460 Neuss

Via fax to +49 (21 31) 71 80-001

Or via e-mail to


Should you have any further questions regarding our privacy policy or should you wish to access information we have stored about you and/or correct potential errors, please contact the in-house data protection officer of AUTOonline via the contact details given above.


The external data protection officer of AUTOonline GmbH Informationssysteme is Mr. Torsten Allard, TA Data Security Consulting, Hülchrather Straße 25, 41516 Grevenbroich, Germany.


3. Cookies:

We are using cookies. Session cookies are technically necessary in order to store data during a session. When the browser is closed, these will be deleted automatically again. Additionally one cookie is used that stores information on the page area the user was accessing over the last three months. This is only used to forward the user to the homepage of this area, when he revisits the website.


The AUTOonline websites uses cookies that serve to make the AUTOonline offer more user-friendly, more effective and safer.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user’s computer when the user visits a website. Or, more simply: cookies are like an internet user's proof of identity that informs a website when the user revisits the site. Relevant information about the user is then transmitted, e.g. your browser settings, so that the website can identify you individually when you return. Cookies are no computer programs and cannot read the information stored on your hard disk. They cannot spread viruses or decipher a user’s e-mail address etc. They just contain and transmit to the website information that the user makes accessible himself.


You can set your browser to not accept any cookies.
This is how to for Internet Explorer 9:


In the menu bar select ”Tools“ > ”Internet Options“.

Click on the tab ”Privacy“.

Slide the switch on the left-hand side of the dialog box right to the top (”Block all cookies“).

Confirm your setting with ”OK“.


However, please note that cookies primarily speed up and simplify the interaction between you and the AUTOonline website. AUTOonline therefore recommends you keep cookies activated.



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