Salvage Exchange for sellers

Free, but valuable: tips and tricks for sellers

Have you advertised a vehicle and would like to see the currently highest bid shortly before the end of bidding?

Just log onto EASYonline and click on your advertised vehicle. The currently highest bid will be displayed next to the photograph.

Would you like only bids from your region?

No problem. Just request the regional bid sheet. (In EASYonline, VALUEonline, or simply call us).

Do you need proof of the advertising costs for your vehicle?

Contact us and we will clear you straight away.

I have forgotten something regarding the vehicle. How can I change that?

Please cancel the vehicle, modify the data and resend. There will be no additional charges.

Do you need the right tools?

No problem, we have a good tip for you. Order your equipment here:



+49 (0) 2131 7180-101


Would you like us to call you back? Just fill out and send.

Are you part of it yet?

How to get involved.
Simply put your accident damaged vehicles and used cars online at AUTOonline - Europe's leading portal for determining the best residual value.
Simple, quick and safe