Fleet Market for sellers

How about some little extras?

If you are the fleet manager of a company, leasing company, car rental company or operator of a car dealership looking for new sales channels, we can offer you that bit extra. Benefit from attractive offers on international markets, cut out negotiations with intermediaries, reduced your internal efforts – in brief: rely on just-in-time marketing! No matter where or when.

"Sporting" advantages for your fleet:

  • No interference with existing processes
  • Prices in line with the market, setting of minimum prices
  • Binding purchase offers
  • High sales ratio
  • Individual processes
  • Sales charges only in case of a successful deal

And what else is on offer?

With our ”FLEETonline“ software, which was specifically developed for fleet marketing“, you can now advertise your vehicles simply from your desk, at just one click of a button. Our software offers you features such as automatic analysis of expert opinions, special reports and a structured administration of your vehicles, plus many more. Great, isn’t it?!


Due to our large base of dealers, standing times of several months are just as much a thing of the past as great logistics efforts or great losses of residual value. And another thing that is sure to please you: audit-proof transactions, transparent illustration of processes and the freedom to make your decision after the bid round – in case you find it too hard to say goodbye that quickly.



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