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The centerpiece of AUTOonline: safe IT

Vital for your success: information technology that you can rely on 100%. That is why we don’t just set great store by simple handling but also by top technology and well-thought out security measures.

Data centre: secured

A control system protects the data centre from unauthorised visitors. In case of a power failure several uninterruptible power supplies and diesel generators ensure that work can continue. Data bases, servers and internet connection are redundant so that all services can be continued in case of defect.

Technology: reliable

Powerful leased lines guarantee smooth processing of the large data volume of four trillion bytes per month. In addition a special power supply in the server room ensures security. Firewall, filter, virus check - the data exchange even has triple protection. Permanent monitoring serves to additionally check all productive systems for any errors or overloads. This provides great reliability for all processes.

Software: modern

State-of-the-art Windows technology allows for smooth operations. AUTOonline has some software developments even checked out by the German TÜV before using it. For databases AUTOonline banks on the reliability of Oracle.

The team: development and technology at AUTOonline

To ensure that everything runs smoothly we rely on a strong team! However, should you ever need help and support our Technical Support would be glad to assist you. In addition our innovative computer scientists keep developing new products that help you to do your work even better en quicker. Great, isn’t it?!

Recognised experts are worth their weight in gold.

Experts trust experts and our IT know-how has been rewarded: by now we have qualified as a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, powered by IBM and Oracle.
The walls of AUTOonline are decorated with many certificates. We programme new software today in the knowledge of tomorrow’s trends and technologies. With a view to volume and data transfers or new operating systems such as Windows 7. Because the experts at AUTOonline know that tomorrow today is already yesterday.



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