Customers and Partners

AUTOonline – an introduction agency of sorts

Many market players have searched for and found each other on the portal of AUTOonline. Here automotive professionals are on a level playing field with colleagues from the industry. Identical knowledge and skills form the basis for trusting co-operation That’s why they remain loyal to us …

And we return the favour. For all parties involved.

Realistic for vehicle assessors

AUTOonline makes the daily work of assessors easier. With AUTOonline the determination of realistic residual value is done online, simply, smoothly and safely.

Useful for garages

With our standardised processes garages reduce costs, avoid long standing times, maximise utilisation of their workshops, can systematically meet customer wishes and better calculated sales.

Practical for fleet marketers

No matter where or when: online always works. Fleet marketers also value short standing times, minimum processing and settlement effort and alternative distribution channels.

Convenient for buyers

Sell and buy at AUTOonline - from the convenience of your desk. Be it on your doorstep or all over Germany - with AUTOonline everything runs smoothly, transparently and at fair Terms and Conditions.

Transparency for insurance companies

When professionals meet professionals, insurance companies benefit, too: higher residual values hold enormous savings potential, while precise forecasts of residual value and replacement value ranges ensure the speedy settlement of claims.

Profitable for partners

Together with experts from many industries we offer the market optimum tools that will ultimately benefit all parties involved - including your own customers.

Safe for private customers

As a private vehicle owner you can advertise your accident damaged or otherwise damaged vehicle on the salvage exchange, let authorised professional dealers submit their bids, and achieve a fair price.



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